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HEATWARE™ offers a wide range of high quality, low-cost heat press and heat rollers, in various shapes and sizes for any required application, yours included.

The Hot Commodity In Your Branding Business! 

Branded items heatware heat press
Branded items heatware heat press

There is a HEATWAREThat is perfect For Every Application

Whether you are doing shirt printing as a hobby, as a small side business in your garage or, whether you are looking to make this a full-time business, Advanced Machinery has the heat press for you, at a price to match your budget and for your specific level of required productivity.

Heat presses are used for a wide range of applications and processes but generally have the main function of ensuring adhesion of heat transfer vinyl – printed or solid colour, powdered film with DTF prints to the surface of an item such as a T-shirt, or provide consistent heat during for sublimation – a process to transfer prints by changing the ink from solid to gas and back to solid, for example, the sublimation coffee mug. 

What HEATWARE Heat Press is Right For Me?

Heatware Heat press Coffee Enthusiast metaphor

DIY Hobbyist & Enthusiast

Looking for a cheaper DIY solution to make a couple of T-Shirts for a friend’s party or are you looking to start dabbling in the in the world of sublimation printing without having to spend too much? Maybe you want to test a business model or proof of concept?

HEATWARE Presses like the handy Portable Ferris-Wheel Press or the Portable Handheld Press would be a perfect start.

Heatware Heat press Coffee Higher volume metaphor

Small to Medium Business

Starting or augmenting your businesses’ Heat Press Fleet? Looking to brand multiple different items like caps, pens, hats shoes, mugs etc with one setup?

We have multiple high quality, low cost options in our single-functional or multi-functional heat press ranges.

Also, have a look the HEATWARE™ higher output products that can brand multiple items at once like our famous PenMulti-Mug or Roller Presses.

Heatware Heat press Coffee Higher volume metaphor

Higher Volume Turnaround

Your business might be taking off, but so is the demand for higher volumes and quicker turnaround; you might even be needing whole fabric rolls at once as your are stitching custom products.

Our higher volume & workflow products are geared towards meeting the highest demand.

Simply paring a HEATWARE™ Heat Roller with a Large format printer can 10x your output par example.

HEATWARE™ Heat Presses are SABS Certified

SABS approved
SABS SANS60335 white

HEATWARE Heat Press Categories

Heatware Portable Heat Press

Portable Heat Presses

HEATWARE™ has a of more portable, single-function heat presses.

These are great for tightly spaced jobs and we have found them great to have  as a second press when other presses in the studio when are occupied.

Heatware Single-Function Heat Presses

Single-Function Presses

Our single-function heat press category focuses on more singular tasks to be done at a time, but with our trademark HEATWARE™ accuracy and attention to detail. Truly a worth a consideration when when expanding your heat press fleet.

Heatware Multi Functional Heat Press

Multi-Functional Presses

Heat presses in the HEATWARE™ multi-function press category enables small businesses to brand and produce multiple different items for their customers but simply replacing platens and attachments on a single press. See these videos on all the attachments.
Heatware Heat Roller

High volume & Roller Presses

Need a press the handle five mugs or six pens at once; a large press with swing-away feature (for full T-shirt production – capable of handling many shirts per hour) or a roll-to-rol device for customers doing sublimation printing onto polyfabric; See it in action here.

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Past Customer Reviews

Great, stress free. Something that I was scared off, am.co.za made it painless and excited. Thanks to am.co.za TEAM great job well done Helped with software and drivers, am.co.za support team made it possible for me to enjoy my new adventure
I was ready to buy a new laptop, could not install the plotter. Donald Chishakwe was very helpfull and had the plotter set up and running in no time. I am very impressed with your company and the service I received from Donald.
Great service! Replies to messages took a bit long, but I can understand that they might be busy. 10/10 would recommend though.
Wonderful efficient online help after machine stopped responding. Mecias conquered the damage done by windows update. Machine responding as new.

frequently asked questions

About The Heat Presses

This device requires single Phase 240V Household Power with Maximum 1400W Output.

Shipping & Delivery

We have stock at our warehouse in Johannesburg, and courier from there via a shipping company as with any of our other machines. You are also welcome to collect by yourself in Johannesburg.

This machine is a DIY Product, which means you need to assemble and install the machine yourself. The assembly, installation and setup of the machine is relatively easy and we have included an installation video to assist you. If you require that we assemble, install and set up for you, an additional technician call-out fee will apply.
About HEATWARE™ Brand & AM.CO.ZA

We as AM.CO.ZA strive to provide the best products for your money’s worth. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to the usage of day to day machinery.

HEATWARE™ has passed the SANS (South African National Standards) and we believe that at the time we got our machine tested no other Heat Press machine in the market had been tested by then. You can read the full story and view the report here.

We provide limited product warranty on the parts of the machine, and for such periods, as set out below, as well as the relevant subsystem to such parts. The quality warranty is intended to cover, and is accordingly limited to, defects arising due to faulty materials or poor craftsmanship in relation to production and manufacture of the machine. We shall not be responsible for common wear and tear nor misuse of the machine or relevant parts.

Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period: 
H-PRESS/FLAT, H-PRESS/CAP, H-PRESS/CUP, H-PRESS/DISK15, H-PRESS/MUG240, H-PRESS/DISK12, H-PRESS/MUG320 comes with no Warranty due to the nature of the products.

AM.CO.ZA has been operational in South Africa since 2013. Their main warehouse is located in the heart of Boksburg in Jet Park.

We stock and sell a large variety of printing and cutting machinery ranging from Vinyl cutters, Laser cutters, Plasma cutters, CNC routers, Large format printers and so much more.

To us, Achievement Matters. Our goal is to support you to unlock your new product’s  or device’s full potential.

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If you have any questions, not already answered on the site, please contact us our support number or via the details below.